How Can I Treat Upper Muscular Back Pain?

 Back pain is no joke. It can be debilitating and make everyday activities feel impossible. If you feel like you're in the middle of a flare-up, it may be tempting to lie on the couch and binge-watch Netflix for days—but don't do it! Here are a few things that can help you get back on your feet and moving again:

First, you'll want to take some time off from activities that hurt. If you've been having trouble sleeping because of your pain, or if it's been hard for you to move around the house without feeling like someone is stabbing your back, it's probably time for a break. Resting helps your body heal itself—so keep it up!

Try not to lift anything heavier than 10% of your body weight for at least a few weeks after experiencing back pain—and even then only if it feels okay! You want those muscles to recover from their injury as quickly as possible so that they can protect themselves from future damage

When you rest keep your posture in mind! This can be a main contributor to your back pain. Make sure you are sitting up straight when working on your computer or driving, and try not to slouch in any way.

Next, reach for the ice pack: cold therapy can help fight inflammation in your muscles and speed up their recovery process. After icing your injury for 20 minutes (and then resting for 20 minutes), consider taking a warm shower or bath as an alternative method of pain relief.

Finally, once your initial pain subsides and you're ready to start working out again, don't rush it! Your muscles are weaker than before the injury occurred (and they need strength training) so take it slow at first and gradually increase activity levels until you reach them again.