How Do Massage Guns Work?

You've probably seen massage guns being used at the gym, or perhaps you've even used one yourself. But what is it? How does it work? And why should you care?

Massage guns use rapid bursts of pressure to stimulate sensory cells on the skin, which may help lessen the perception of pain or soreness after a workout.

Basically, when you use a massage gun on sore muscles, it's kind of like giving yourself a shoulder rub—but in this case, your muscles are getting all of the benefits without having to move an inch. A massage gun is basically just a handheld tool that delivers pulsing, rapid vibrations to your muscle fibers and fascia (the connective tissue between muscles).

Think of your instinct to rub your elbow after you bash it on the corner of a wall—the manual manipulation eases the pain signaling going on in your elbow joint. Percussive therapy also provides anabolic mechanical signals to your muscles and tendons. This can help increase blood flow to the